Prerequisites for AWS IoT

First, log in to your Simuli account and navigate to the Simuli Virtual Lab. Here create a new emulated instance of the Raspberry Pi. Click on the Launch button under Raspberry Pi to get started.

This will open the configuration menu. First, provide a name for the project. Then we will select the OS which will be Buster. Next, we will select ADPS9301 Light Sensor. Finally, we will review that all the details are correct and click on the Launch button.

Once we have clicked on the Launch button, a new instance of Raspberry Pi will be created. It can take a few minutes for this process to be completed.

While our new instance is being created, let's move forward to create an AWS account and configure it.

AWS IoT Core

Before we start, an AWS account is required. If you do not have one then you can simply sign up for one.

For more detailed steps for signing up, you can refer to AWS Documentation

Once signed in, search for IoT core in the search bar and select IoT Core present under the Services section in the search results.

Now in the left navigation pane in the dropdown present under Manage section select Things. On the Things page click on Create Things.

It will ask for how many things to create, click on Create single thing.

Now under Specify Thing properties provide a name to the thing and then leave everything to default. In Device Shadow select No Shadow and click Next.

In Device Certificate select Auto-generate a new certificate . Now we need to create a policy to attach to the certificates, so click on Create Policy . You will be redirected to a Create Policy page.

You can also create a new policy by navigating to the page and later associating it with your Thing.

Steps :- Secure -> Policies -> Create Policy

Provide a name for the policy. For Policy Effect select Allow from the dropdown and for Policy action and Policy resource enter * which basically means all. Finally, click on Create.

Select the policy and then select on Create Thing.

Doing so you will be prompted to download the necessary certificates namely RootCA1 certificate, public key, private key and Security certificate; download them all as they will be crucial later on.

Go to Secure -> Certificates and check if the certificates are being activated if not then select them select Actions , a dropdown will open click Activate there.

Our AWS IoT setup is complete. We will now move on to our instance in Simuli Virtual Lab.

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