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User Data, GDPR and Privacy on Simuli


The Simuli application ( hosted at ) makes use of cookies to allow for authentication and user management. We do not collect or store any data that is not essential for a smooth user experience. We have used Auth0 to ensure that the user records are stored and managed in compliance with industry standards.

Basic User Information

Simuli allows for email-password sign-up as well as social logins. In the case of the former, the User is requested to enter their basic information and an organisation account is created with the email address provided on the sign up page. If the user opts for a social login then the same is sourced from the social account. Auth0 stores this in the US region. There is also a record of the Name of the user along with their email address stored in the EU region for the application itself.

Platform Credits

Simuli credits correspond to the instance run-time. For example, one credit is consumed for every one hour of run time. You can purchase credits as necessary from the 'My Profile' section or contact us for a group license if you're a University, Company or Institute.

Group Licenses

When you sign up with Simuli as a group, we provide you with an invite code which allows users to join your group. This invite code is domain restricted to ensure your credits are not misused. Users can enter this invite code on the sign-up page or in the 'My Profile' section. Groups have a common credit pool and the credit consumption is metered against the total credits available to the group.

Contact Us


If you are having trouble logging in to Simuli, Please try the following.

  • Use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Browser. We have observed some trouble with browsers that block cookies by default as this hinders the functionality of our authentication provider, Auth0. You may use Guest Mode on Google Chrome instead.

  • If you do sign-up with your email instead of using a social login, Simuli will prevent you from logging in till you verify your email address. Please check your email for the same including the spam folder.

  • Please write to if your issue is still not resolved.

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